Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the Terms) will apply to all of the services (the Services) provided by Fudehachi on its website (https://fudehachi.com) (the Website) for all users. Accessing and using the Services is conditional on acceptance and compliance with these Terms.

1. Application

These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others (the Users) who access and use the Services provided on the Website.

2. Use of images provided by Fudehachi

  • 1. You may download the data provided on the Website (JPG, EPS etc.) (the Data) for free.
  • 2. Any person may download the Data. ‘Person’ includes both individuals and companies.
  • 3. You may change the Data for your own use by changing the size, colour or the shade (’12 point’; ‘red/blue/green’; ‘Grunge’ etc.) unless it does not look like the original at all. Please do not significantly change the original Data images. Fudehachi reserves the right to all the Data.
  • 4. You may not provide the Data to any third parties (whether you receive a fee or not).
  • 5. You may use the Data for business purposes under the following conditions:
    • You use the Data as part of a design or structures, not as a main content.
    • Even though the Data is a part of a design or structures, the Data must not the one to determine the value of products.
    • You must not copyright / register as a trademark any symbol or phrase that contains the Data.

6. It is strictly prohibited to use the Data in the following circumstances:

  • as part of contents which are illegal or against public policy in Japan or in the jurisdiction of use.
  • as part of contents which are offensive or libelous.

7. Please feel free to contact us through our enquiry page if you have any questions regarding the data use policy.

3. Credit and report for use

You are not obliged to report your use of the Data or credit/acknowledge Fudehachi, but we would appreciate if you did. Please let us know if you agree for us to post a link to your website or post photos on fudehachi.com as an example of use.

If you would like to acknowledge Fudehachi, please see the examples below:

  • Japanese free calligraphy materials from Fudehachi (https://fudehachi.com)
  • Fudehachi (fudehachi.com)

If you put a credit on your website, please use the link page. (URL : https://fudehachi.com)

4. Fees

There is no charge use the contents of our website.

5. Prohibited actions

Users of fudehachi.com are prohibited from the following:

  • Copying or transferring information from our website to others without consent.
  • Collecting or gathering personal information of other users.
  • Impersonating other users
  • Use our website for the purposes of pranks, other mischief or vandalism
  • Causing, or attempting to cause, a loss to us or third parties by using our services
  • Using our Services for the purpose of antisocial activities
  • Altering the information you get by using our Service (other than in accordance with Clause 2 above)
  • Usage of direct link to the provided data (Please use the material after downloading)
  • Anything else that in the sole discretion of the operators of fudehachi.com are not appropriate.
    • 6. Stopping the Service

      1.We have a right to stop the whole or part of the service without prior notice when any of the following occur.

      • When website maintenance or content renewal is necessary.
      • When a force majeure event occurs (e.g. an act of God, earthquake, tsunami, lightning strike, fire, power cut etc.) and it becomes difficult to maintain our Service.
      • When IT services are interrupted due to some kind of malfunction, whether this is caused by our internet service provider or not.
      • Any other circumstances where the operators of fudehachi.com decide, in their sole discretion, to stop providing our Service.

      2. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever if any User or third party suffers a loss because our Service is stopped (whether permanently or temporarily).

      7. Copyright

      The owner of this website retains the copyright in all data available on the website.

      Copyrighted works – words, sentences, images, programs used, functional specifications etc. – belong to the owner of this website.

      Other than in accordance with the terms and conditions herein, we prohibit the transfer, use, copying, dissemination or modification of any or all of the copyrighted works on our website by any means without any consent.

      You may quote contents from our website in accordance with copyright law and under the conditions below.

      • Mark the quoted part with quotation marks.
      • Quoted parts should be subordinate to the rest of the content and they should not make up more than 20-30% of the total content.
      • Clearly state that the quoted part is a quote from our website.
      • You are not allowed to reprint the contents of our website except in specially permitted circumstances.

      8. Denial of guarantee and disclaimer

      We do not guarantee explicitly or implicitly that the Website is free from errors. In this context, errors may include those related to including safety, credibility, accuracy, effectiveness, website security, errors, bugs or rights violations.

      We will not be liable for any loss that a User may incur from using our Service. Users use our website at their own risk.

      9. Change to the Service

      We may change the contents of our Service or stop providing our service without any notice to Users. We are not responsible for any loss that a User may incur due to changes to or stoppages of our Service.

      10. Change to the Terms and Conditions

      We may change the Terms and Conditions when necessary without any notice to Users.

      11. Notification or Contact

      Notification or contact between us and Users will be via the methods listed on the Website.

      12. Terms for idea

      If Users send us any idea, we consider that you have agreed to the below.

      • Users abandon any rights in relation to what they send.
      • We do not have any confidentiality obligation in relation to what is sent.
      • We do not have any obligation to adopt, acknowledge or reply in relation to any information that has been sent to us.
      • We do not have any obligation to return to the User any information sent to us. Anything that is sent to us becomes our property.
      • We do not have any responsibility, including but not limited to payments for compensation, for what is sent to us, even if that information is similar to our Service like designs, functions or elements to construct the website.
      • We have a right to use, modify, copy or give away freely whatever is sent to us.

      13. Language

      The English language version of these Terms and Condition is provided for convenience only. In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions of the Terms and Conditions, the Japanese version shall prevail.

      14. Governing Law

      These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The courts of Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute in relation to the meaning of these Terms and Conditions or arising from the use of the Website.