Privacy Policy


‘Fudehachi’ (‘the Website’, ‘we’, ‘us’) sets the following Privacy Policy for the services (‘the Services’) provided by the Website.

Article 1: Privacy information

1 ‘Personal Information’ in the Privacy Policy is information that identifies you as an individual, such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information and others that could identify the person, under the Private Information Protection Law.

2 ‘History Information and Characteristic Information’ is the information besides ‘Personal Information’, such as used Services, information registered, visited advertisement and webpages, searched keywords, the dates the Service visited and used, ways of use, computer mediated environment, sex, occupation, age, User’s IP address, information about cookies, location information, identified number for the devices.

Article 2: How we collect private information

We collect information about Users when they visit and use the Services on the Website. The information includes History Information and Characteristic Information such as the Services used and the dates of use, the advertisements and website links clicked on, keyword searches, as well as the ‘computer mediated environment’, which include setting information and carrier company information if using mobile phones, IP address, information about cookies, and identified number for the devices.

Article 3: Purpose to collect and use private information

We collect and use Private Information for the following reasons:

– To answer queries from users – we collect information needed such as how the users use our services and contact information.
– To contact users by email – we use contact information such as user names.
– For other purposes in relation to those above.

Article 4: Private information to third parties

We do not share private information with any third parties without a user’s consent except in the limited circumstances set out below.

– As permitted or required by the law.
– When someone’s life is at risk, or to protect someone physically and it is not possible to get consent from the said person.
– When public health, or a child’s health, may be affected, and it is not possible to get consent from the said person.
– When we are required to cooperate with governmental organizations or with someone who has been delegated by those organizations to carry out investigations under the law and it may adversely affect the investigation if consent was obtained from the said person.

Article 5: Disclosure of Private Information

We will provide an individual’s Private Information to that individual if that individual requests us to do so. However, we will not disclose all or part of the Private Information in the situations listed below. If we decide not to disclose Private Information, we will inform you.

– When it would cause any danger to life, or physical damage, or loss of the right or interest in any asset of the said person or of third parties.
– When it would cause a significant disturb to operate the website properly.
– When it is contrary to any law, rule or regulation.

Typically, we will not disclose Private Information other than History and Characteristic Information.

Article 6: Amendment and deletion of Private Information

Users may request to amend or delete their Private Information if that information is incorrect. We will review any request and if we decide that the Private Information requires amendment or deletion, we do so accordingly and inform when the user when it has been done.

Article 7: Stop dealing with Private Information

We will investigate promptly if requested by Users to stop using and delete their Private Information in circumstances where it is alleged we are using the Private Information outside the range of permitted uses, or where it is alleged we received the Private Information fraudulently or illegally. If the allegations are substantiated, we will inform the User that we have stopped using or have deleted the Private Information. However, if it would require significant resources, or cost a significant amount of money, to do so we reserve the right to use an alternative way to protect the User’s rights, if possible.

Article 8: Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy without notice. Any amendments to the Privacy Policy will take effect when published on the website unless otherwise stated.

Article 9: How to contact us

Please use the enquiry form to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy.

28 June 2018